June Goals

I’ve been following bloggers Jess Connolly at Naptime Diaries and Hayley Morgan at The Tiny Twig for some time.  One of my favorite types of posts they do are the Monthly Goals, or #GoalsWithGrace linkups.  Being a creative, self-motivated type, goals are essential to my progress and perhaps general well-being.  A large part of my Creative Writing degree was self-motivated and independent, so I began goal setting back in college as a way to center myself and accomplish what I needed.  A large part of goal setting is through habit forming (I’ll talk more on that at a later day).

So, as part of the Creative Life category of my blog, I’d like to link and share my own goals on a monthly basis.  But, please understand that like the aforementioned bloggers, these are #goalswithgrace.  I have a history of wildly overestimating what I can and should accomplish in a given amount of time. The last thing I want to do is to nurture that (overachieving) tendency in myself or anyone else. These goals are flexible, malleable, and able to be changed or reevaluated!

may graphic

SO, onto the fun part…MY MAY GOALS (and how I did)

-Write 500 words a day 5 days/week:  done and done. Probably even more than 500, but working on this blog has helped with that.

-Make 1-2 craft projects/week: Not even CLOSE. In fact, I think I made one card for the entire month. BUT I did a lot of cooking and projects at the new house, and those are sort of like crafts, right?  I don’t feel bad about this one. There was certainty creativity going on, and that’s my main focus anyways.

-Launch blog & create posting plan: YAY!!! So happy to be here.

Project Life catch-up: Nope. I thought this month would be quieter than it ended up being, so I just didn’t have time. I’m going to completely save it until the move is over.

-Keep rooms generally decluttered Prrrrreeeeetttyyyy much. About as good as I get anyways 😉 Plus we started packing, so some of it was out of control. I consistently kept my workspace clean, though.  Solomon hasn’t started cleaning out of desperation yet so I think I’m good.

A word on where I’m at personally + professionally:

My goals for May were fairly simple and straightforward.  Sometimes my goals look far more detailed, but I’m in this keep-on-keeping-on season of my life where I know the specifics of the steps I need to take to achieve my larger goals.

When goal setting, it helps me to recognize the season of life I am walking through.  I’ve been recovering from chronic fatigue (heavy metal toxicity) for about 10 months.  That meant I had no choice but to choose to rest and heal (both emotionally and physically, as it turns out). I am now coming out of that season, but my main focus is creativity + working from home and walking out the emotional truths I gained during that season, such as the necessity of giving myself grace and rest.

I create a daily agenda every morning. By doing so, I am able to break down my goals practically.  I am a big picture thinker and tend to want to do everything NOW. Breaking down tasks can prevent overwhelm and burn out as growth is  step-by-step process.  Sometimes right brainers need to do a little left brain work, no?  Check back: there will be a full post on this concept Tuesday!

So, on the back of the goal card I created for May, I wrote a Keep On list.  For me, this included: visiting with friends, errands/housework/dinner, making Solomon’s lunches, resting/allowing flexibility + grace, paying bills + managing expenses.

June graphic

So, without further ado, here are MY JUNE GOALS.

JUNE FOCUS: continue the work I’ve been doing + writing daily. Work on house and MOVE!

-consistently keep to blog posting schedule (Tue./Th. by 7am).

-Prepare several freezer /make ahead meals for the busy work-on-the-house days. I hope that this will cut down on fast food so we are eating healthier and spending less $.

-Decide on a functional temporary office space. The internet is inconsistent at best where we are currently staying, so I need to either work at a relative’s house OR get internet installed at the new house and a room cleared out (just for a couple weeks until we move).

-Devise some social media + phone limits.This is largely because as an introvert, I’ve found myself over-stimulated and drained by constantly checking my phone, replying to people immediately, etc. (One idea I have is to eat a lunch without my phone. Alt.: shut it off on weeknights or a designated day.   Alt: designated social media hours.)

-Start juicing again or making smoothies somewhat regularly. We used to juice almost daily but stopped after the last move. I really miss it – I think it did wonders for my energy levels, plus it would help ensure we get our vegetable intake during this busy time.


I’d love to know your goal-setting process, or, if you are new to the idea, what most overwhelms you – we can help each other out! 

Check back Tuesday for a goal-setting exercise.  I’ll walk you through developing a main focus, breaking it down practically, and scheduling tasks in order to achieve your goals! YAY!

thanks to death to the stock photo for supplying the background image (second photo).

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