Goal Setting Exercise


Last week I posted about my June Goals.  I received some positive feedback, so I thought I’d go ahead and create an exercise to help you brainstorm, set, and follow through with your own goals!

So, let’s set some goals together! HERE’S A SIMPLE EXERCISE TO GET STARTED:

1. Grab a scrap piece of paper and write a the top of it My Main Focus. You can interpret that as you’d like – it can either be super big picture (like a life focus) or just for the month or even week!  Scribble a couple of sentences or a short paragraph.  [It if is taking you a while to get there, you could start by making a list of what is most important to you, professionally and personally or whatever your life looks like.]

here’s mine:

  • My main focus is developing my creative life as a whole with the long term goal of writing professionally from home. My personal main focus is nurturing my home life and relationships.

“The real pleasure of one’s life is the devotion to a great objective of one’s consideration.” – George Bernard Shaw

2. Write How Can I Get There at the top of another sheet.  This list is PRACTICAL whereas the other was a bit dreamy.  Maybe you said you want to value your marriage, so on this sheet you would write something like have regular date nights and even some idea of what those dates might be.

Here’s a few from mine – the creative life focus, anyways:

  • Focus on maintaining blog + social media
    • develop posting schedule, etc. 
  • Write daily
    • Create Evernote notebook for the task, set phone reminders
  • Read a freelance book
    • Order one from Amazon and take notes
  • Have an active reading life
    • Always be reading a book
  • Implement rest to prevent burn-out
    • Set social media boundaries, designated work hours, etc. 

3. Get out your planner and pick just one of those practical items to implement starting this week.  So based on my list, I could set up the Evernote notebook and write “write 500 words” every day in my planner this week. (I could even set a time of day.) Then I could set a daily recurring reminder in my phone until I establish the habit.

If you make daily choices that are consistent with your goal over and over again, you will eventually reach it — though it may look nothing like what you expected. -Nadia Goodman, TED talk

4. (optional) If you wanted to take this even a step FURTHER, you could get out another sheet of paper and brainstorm expected hinderances to achieving your goals (and adjust your How Can I Get There sheet accordingly).  Being aware of what those are will help you be on guard for when they surface.

Finally, give yourself grace. Don’t set goals that are too lofty or unattainable – you will only get discouraged.

I’d love to know your goal-setting process, or, if you are new to the idea, what most overwhelms you – we can help each other out! 


[image #1 : background modified from death to the stock photo, image #2: storylineblog.com]

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