Reflections on Busyness

We are currently walking through a season of busyness.  Truth be told: I hate being busy.  Busyness would never be my preferred mode of choice.  I used to assume that when I got out of college that I could control my busyness and would generally never have to be as busy again.

Ha, ha!  Right.  I now work from home and love the flexibility it lends.  Some days are more work-focused while others are largely spent on home tasks, while most are a mix of the two.  And guess what?  Sometimes I feel more busy than when I was that student balancing newly married life and college classes + coursework.

We are currently working + fixing our house + preparing for a move.   Our days have been feeling a lot like balancing acts that we are some days better at than others.  I will be running a post from my old blog soon : an old favorite based on practical tips for managing busy seasons and staying healthy while doing so.

For now, though, here’s a few of my current takeaways.

Busyness doesn’t have to steal your joy. I had the craziest, most intense day recently.  I felt like I managed a hundred different things, from scheduling to grocery shopping to work on the house to meeting with a friend.  At the end of the day, however, I was content – I had done what I could. Every busy day is a choice. Are you going to let it steal your joy?

Even in busyness, life is still good.  Life is good and the Creator is the same, unchanging and steadfast.  When life seems out of control, remember this.

Make time for relationships. Wait, doesn’t this seem like something that could wait?  Not in my mind.  I’ve been inviting friends to work on the house, come along on Target runs, or grab coffee for an hour.  I invite them into my life.  Nurture those relationships.  They keep you sane.  Plus, love isn’t a part-time calling.

You can choose what to push to tomorrow (or next month or year). There are things I’d love to get done, like paint our new front door or redesign this blog’s header – good things that will just have to wait until I can enjoy them even more.

Evaluate your priorities. In contrast to the paragraph above, some things can’t wait.  For me, these are tasks like paying bills and tiling the bathroom shower.  Because these are priorities, I can free up space to complete them – it makes doing them 100% less stressful.  No one can do it all. Sorry.

Look forward to a less-busy time.  Plan for it even! I’m a firm believer that busyness is meant to be temporary, not a way of life.  For us, once we move in, the work on the house will PAUSE.  There will be many more projects to complete, but we will choose to enjoy our first days in the new house, one another, and take back some of those slow evenings we don’t presently have.

emerson quote | reflections on busyness

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