Stay Healthy and Succeed In Times of Busyness

If you follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page, you know that my husband and I are walking through the busiest season ever (well, maybe not ever, but it’s pretty intense!).  We recently purchased our first home, a total fixer, and have been fixing it up with every scrap of time we can find.  It’s one of the best, most fun things we have done together, but it’s also among the most demanding and exhausting.

I came across this post from my old blog and still resonate with it completely, so I decided to run it here. The nature of my busyness is different than when I was in college, but I still find the points relevant, and hope they are as helpful to you as they are to me!

Stay Healthy and Succeed In Times of Busyness 


1. Learn to prepare several simple meals, or rely on freezer meals made ahead. Consuming healthy foods will benefit you greatly, from energy levels to general health. The simplest stir fry or meat with plenty of vegetables take 15 minutes tops and it is always worth it.

2. Don’t overuse caffeine. I have made this mistake time and time again, only to learn that consuming too much coffee leads to a total crash in energy. Instead, I drink one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon (around the time I study). This take advantages of the energy benefit without disrupting sleep.

3. Juice (or make smoothies). When you are busy, it is far easier to make a juice packed with nutrients from a variety of vegetables (emphasize the greens, add an apple or citrus -even protein powder- for extra energy) than it is to ensure you get enough with every meal. You’re being hard on your body, so it’s important to replenish it best you can.

4. Hydrate. Drink as much water as you can. Bonus points for adding organic Apple Cider Vinegar to boost your immunity.  It goes without saying to avoid sugary drinks with corn syrup and pop.

5. Exercise or just get in nature. Take 20 minutes and go on a walk or do some yoga. One of the greatest pieces of advice I have been given relating to writing is to take a walk when stuck. Step away from the work and come back once you’ve cleared your mind.


6. Take breaks. When you’re especially busy, it’s tempting to nix the breaks you would otherwise give yourself. Don’t! The consequence will be poorer performance or more time spent working/studying. I love to take breaks to cook a meal.

7. If you’re on a roll, keep working. Forget the time, forget whatever you had scheduled for the night. Those spurts of solid energy are few and far between and it will greatly benefit you to take full advantage of it.

8. Shut out as much technology as possible including email, phone, facebook, pinterest, blah blah..and use the time you’ve saved to take those breaks and actually recharge.

9. Develop/utilize a system. I personally cannot live without sticky notes. Make your study time routine and familiar.

10. Don’t be a perfectionist (with your work). Now is not the time. Get it done, hand it in, and cross it off your list. Move on.  This has saved me many a heartache.


11. Sleep as much as possible. This goes without saying. If you have to compromise sleep (and don’t do it for long!), at least learn to nap.

12. Ask for help. I’m sure your mom would love to bring you dinner or your friend just listen to you vent. Last week I asked a sweet, motherly woman in my life for a hug. Sometimes that’s all you need.

13. Give yourself grace. Though I find it amazing what I can actually accomplish under pressure, I have limits I have to recognize. When I was in school, I  humbled myself and asked professors for extensions. I have a friend who goes to bed every night at 10pm, no matter what. It’s a personal boundary she has set for herself, and I think it’s wonderful. You can’t do it all, and that’s okay!

14. Know you will get through this. You will get it done…you will be fine. Encourage yourself positively. Every time I get overwhelmed I seem to forget this reality. I’ve done it before, and I can do it all again.

How do you get through times of busyness?  Do you have any tips to share or add?  I’d LOVE to hear them!

also: check back Thursday for my first post on our fixer upper! I cannot believe I haven’t shared about it here yet.  all I have to say is: GET READY!

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