Lately (June)

  • Lately we’ve been working like crazy to finish the house. We’ve been laying subway tile, nailing in hardwoods, and letting the drywallers in to finish up.  Repairing the drywall was the only work thus far we didn’t feel confident that we could do ourselves. We ended up being hugely relieved that we didn’t try to ourselves because of the sheer amount of time it would have taken.


  • Lately we’ve been packing, thrift store shopping, + furniture buying in preparation for the move.  The style we are going for in this house is somewhere in this confusing mix: mid-century mod./danish mod./timeless/boho chic/california eclectic. Got it? Me either.  [Just think anti-traditional or check out my Pinterest boards.] It’s been super fun to see the ways me and my husband’s decor styles mesh.
  • Lately we’ve been so busy we’ve not been cooking much.  Last night Solomon asked if I could run to the grocery store instead of buying fast food for dinner.  I came back with this and wondered why we didn’t do that ages ago. No cook, no effort, no problem. We finally have a fridge at the house and have enough left over for another meal or several snacks.  One of my June goals was to prepare some freezer or make-ahead meals but I’ve pretty much let that go in favor of this.

  • Lately I’ve been dressing in fun outfits daily.  There’s some mental connection to my creative work and the way I am dressed.  Even though I am home for much of the day, I just can’t do sweatpants and be productive. But let’s be real – skirts are the next best thing.


  • Lately the two of us introverts have been making the most of busyness, but have been immensely looking forward to moving and life slowing down. With everything going on we haven’t had the chance for a summer trip BUT we are pretty sure it will feel like vacation after we move.  I apologize in advance if we hole ourselves in the house.


What have you been up to lately?  If you set your own June goals, how are they coming along? I’d love to discuss!

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