July Goals + June Goals Review

Last month I shared my May Goals, a bit on why I goal set, and my June Goals.  I also created a goal setting exercise for anybody who needs a little help getting organized.  The brainstorming exercise is a way to bring to mind your own goals and then create a manageable plan to in order to achieve those goals.

so to review…MY JUNE GOALS (and how I did)

JUNE FOCUS: continue the work I’ve been doing + writing daily. Work on house and MOVE!   

obviously we didn’t move: #24catsstrikeagain. you can read some recent thoughts on our fixer upper story here & check out my Facebook page for progress updates.

consistently keep to blog posting schedule (Tue./Th. by 7am).   I’ve worked really hard to stick to this & I can’t thank you enough for reading. more words on this below.

-Prepare several freezer /make ahead meals for the busy work-on-the-house days. I didn’t do this, but I probably should’ve.  We made do. We ate a few no-cook meals of meat, cheese, & hummus & I made a few simple meals, but the truth is cooking is the one thing that has fallen to the wayside as we’ve been spending almost every evening at the house. We’ve both noticed the effect on our body (Solomon thinks he’s gained a little weight, I’ve been extra fatigued) & I’m hoping to improve this this month.

Decide on a functional temporary office space. We had originally thought that we could move my desk and set up internet at the new house, but then decided it wouldn’t be functional.  I moved my desk to another room & while the internet still isn’t consistent, it has helped some & it’s the best I can do for now.

Devise some social media + phone limits. I haven’t actually set concrete limits but I’ve been mindful of leaving my phone at home from time to time & putting it away to spend time with Solomon.  I’ve also been working to schedule posts ahead of time to prevent constant phone attachment.  I could improve, but I’m content with where I’m at for now.

Start juicing again or making smoothies somewhat regularly.  Check. See my Instagram for proof.

Sheesh, that review was a bit lengthy.  Moving right along.


I have to say, I debated even setting July Goals.  June turned out to be a hard month. Everything feels unpredictable.  My husband’s work schedule is never consistent.  We’ve been working on the house with every scrap of time we have and running into issues we didn’t know were there.  Our living situation is temporary.

I need a little bit of time to breathe.


-Post one day/week instead of 2. This is temporary. I don’t want to make a bigger deal out of this than it is, but I will say that it will free up space to develop Naturally J.M. Harris further + get myself organized & that’s space I need to give myself during this crazy time. I will still remain active on social media.

-Start making/ packing dinner more days than not.

-Keep working on house (given)

-Be honest with self + my husband re: my limits.

These monthly goal setting posts will become a blog series!  At the beginning of every month, I will review last month’s goals and share my goals for the upcoming month.  I’d love if you shared yours – whatever form they may be in – so we can motivate one another.

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