Homemade Organic Coconut Milk

homemade organic coconut milkFriends, I am super excited to be sharing with you one of my all-time favorite recipes.  Seriously, this stuff is a total game changer!

Some of you may know that Solomon and I eat mostly Paleo.  We consume very little dairy aside from butter.  We have several reasons for this, but the main points are as follows:

1. Solomon has asthma, and often has increased asthmatic symptoms after consuming pasteurized dairy.  In theory, we could purchase raw milk products, BUT:

2.  We believe that dairy is not a necessary part of a healthy diet.  It has been promoted in America by the government as a way to sell milk and milk products.  There are certainly other (& better) ways to get protein and calcium.

Coconut milk and almond milk are great alternatives to milk.  But they are so marked up in the grocery store, and we don’t always love the taste. And sometimes they contain yucky preservatives we’d rather not consume.  Enter: homemade organic coconut milk!

Coconut has SO MANY benefits.  Here’s a few. 

• Lower cholesterol
• Improve digestion
• Ward off wrinkles
• Stabilize glucose levels
• Fight off viruses
• Build cells
• Regulate hormones
• Increase thyroid production
• Lose weight
• Increase metabolism
• Fight infections
• Stave off memory loss
• Kill bacteria

homemade organic coconut milk

  1. Measure out 1 C. of organic, unsweetened coconut flakes or chips.*  Pour into food processor or blender.  Heat 4 C. of water until boiling and turn off heat.   
  2. Pour 1/2 – 1 C. of hot water into food processor over coconut.  [Note: you can pour as much water as your equipment can handle. If you’ve got something that can handle all 4 cups at once, GREAT.] PULSE, don’t blend continuously!, for approximately 30 seconds [I set a stopwatch].  Let sit for one minute, then pulse 5-6 more times.
  3. Over a bowl, scrape mixture into fine mesh strainer or over cheesecloth.  Push down on coconut to squeeze out ever bit of liquid possible.  Repeat steps 2-3 until all water is gone.  Reheat water if necessary.
  4. Optional strain coconut milk liquid through strainer (sans coconut) one last time to remove any pieces of coconut that might have fallen into bowl.  Store in fridge for up to one week.

Seriously easy.

Let’s price this out.

*I’ve been buying my coconut here. It’s currently on sale for 2.19 and comes in an 8 oz. bag.  I can ALMOST make this recipe 3 times from one bag of coconut! That means that for the 3 3/4 C. of coconut milk it produces, it costs me about .73.  WHOA.

So what do we use it for?  

  • Smoothie base. Because we don’t put milk in our smoothies, this is the perfect base.  And as an added bonus, the leftover milked coconut can be added to smoothies as well!
  • Bulletproof coffee.  I’ll be doing a post on this one soon.
  • In homemade shampoo. Yes…I am that crunchy.  Post on this also coming! 😉
  • Straight. It magically tastes WAY better than the store bought stuff.
  • The rare occasions we have granola.
  • In cooking: for curries* & even to make mashed potatoes. [*It is less thick than the kind from the can, so sometimes the recipe needs thickened.]

and one last benefit…

It’s super relaxing to make. Really.  So what are you waiting for?!

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