Lately (July & August)

I feel like I have been a bit quiet on this blog lately.  I felt like it was high time to share some peaks into our life.  There are, however, some new wellness posts up, so if you haven’t had the chance to check those out, please do!  I never share any recipe or tip that I don’t personally love & use myself.  I pass them off to you just as I would a friend in person.

So, without further ado, this is what we’ve been doing lately.

  • Lately we’ve been making some final decisions for the house renovation.  Mid-July we took a trip to IKEA for our bathroom vanity.  We went back and forth about what to do for a vanity.   We finally decided that IKEA was the way to go, considering price, space, and functionality.  I have my doubts about how many years the vanity will last, but for now it is perfect for the space.  Anyone have experience with IKEA vanities? Please, shout it out in the comments!  I’ve given away bits & pieces of our bathroom on Instagram, so I’ll save the full bath + vanity reveal for later.
  • Lately we’ve attempted some antiquing, but as per usual, when you’re looking for a specific item (a bath medicine chest), you don’t usually find it for some time.  But we had fun exploring & then went to the art museum, a movie, & got some raw juice. Perfect day.
awkward bathroom selfie to capture the original marble.
  • Lately we’ve taken some days off from the house here & there.  We had a date in Ohio city as my late birthday celebration.  We ate the best Thai food, got drinks, & just got out of our work clothes.  It’s so important that our work on the house is sustainable & that we still have time to relate to one another as husband & wife.


  • Lately we’ve found ourself nearing the end of the to do list before we can move in!  We both wrestled with moments of discouragement, but it feels like we’ve reached the light at the end of the impossible tunnel.  Still to do: bathroom grout & toilet installation, some painting, hardwood floor redo, cleaning.
  • Lately we’ve been to multiple weddings.  I still treasure this advice for newlyweds & am always honored to be invited to witness my friend’s vows & love for one another.
the prettiest wedding!
the prettiest wedding!
  • Lately I’ve been cooking all the things.  Honey Orange Vanilla Nut Bars, Homemade Beef Jerky, Paleo Banana Bread, Eggs in Hashbrown Cups, Crock pot Indian Curries (follow me on Pinterest for most links)…I don’t always cook so much, but I’ve just been in the mood & am determined to increase our intake of healthy food & decrease the amount of fast food we’re consuming.  I’ve been trying to plan ahead and, for example, made two loaves of the banana bread (recipe here!) and froze one for our NC trip tomorrow.


  • Lately I’ve had hope for what’s ahead.  It has been a difficult, unexpected year.  I’ve wrestled through feelings of discouragement and finally am resting in the hope of the future.  All things have their season, after all.
journaling & letter writing.

You may realize that I recently cut down to one post a week.  It was a needed decision for the present, but I can’t wait to go back to bi-weekly posts.  I’m looking forward to having an actual daily routine once we move, which we are anticipating will be early September (!) Look forward to more posts, design improvements, & an exciting daily series come October.  And thank you for bearing with me as I climb the steep learning curve of blogging during this major life transition.

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