My Favorite Tomato Soup Recipe


This is a follow up to last week’s post.  Read it here. Today’s post will teach you how to blanche and peel tomatoes, de-seed, dice for canning or freezing, and a method for tomato soup!

The first time I made tomato soup I threw the tomatoes–skins, seeds, and all–into the food processor and blended.  I then threw them into a pot, let simmer a bit, and called it a day.

You can do it that way.  It’s not bad.  This is one of those recipes where you literally cannot go wrong.  However, when I married my husband, he was appalled that I wanted to include the skins and seeds and taught me how to first blanche the tomatoes (sic: he was raised by a chef. haha).  By doing so, the skin and seeds can easily be removed and the soup has a much smoother texture.  Being the taste and add a little cook that I am, I am going to write about the method first.  (If you’d like a specific recipe, there are found in plenty by a quick google search).

So here’s how you blanche & peel tomatoes:

  1. Put on a pot of water and bring to roaring boil.
  2. Drop 2-3 tomatoes in at a time with tongs, being careful not to put in too many tomatoes at a time so the water stays boiling.
  3. As soon as the tomatoes skin cracks open, remove carefully from water and set into bowl of freezing cold ice water until cool.
  4. Repeat until all tomatoes are used. 
  5. Peel tomatoes by hand. Process should be easy.  If not, tomatoes need boiled and shocked again.

To de-seed tomatoes:

  1. Cut a small x into bottom of tomato.
  2. Carefully squeeze tomato until seeds easily come out. If not all seeds are removed, you can strain before serving final product.

To Make Diced Tomatoes to Can Or to Freeze:IMG_3441

  1. Dice tomatoes on cutting board.  Pick out any stray seeds.
  2. Place in jar, leaving 1″ to top. Can or freeze & label.



To Make Tomato Basil Soup:

  1. Dice desired amount of tomatoes on cutting board.
  2. Dice one white onion on cutting board.
  3. In stockpot, heat olive oil. Add 2+ cloves minced garlic & diced onion.
  4. Salt & pepper & add desired seasonings to taste (oregano, thyme).
  5. Let cook down on low. I did this for a couple of hours.  The longer you do it, the longer the flavors are together and the more it produces. You can also add some chicken broth at this point and thicken but this is optional (just cuts some of the pungent tomato taste).
  6. Blend with immersion blender until smooth (or in food processor, Ninja, etc.)
  7. Strain in fine mesh strainer if desired.
  8. Cut fresh basil and add to pot.  Serve with cheese, crusty bread, etc.!

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How to blanche, deseed, peel, freeze, & make tomato soup!

I love this process and I hope you do too. I love the feel of the tomatoes in my hand, the methodical process, and the connection to nature’s fruit.  It’s a perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness.  I don’t mean that in a new age way – I mean it as a chance to disconnect from distraction, electronics, and anxiety and focus on one task before you with a spirit of gratefulness. Do you have a favorite tomato recipe?! Share below!

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