I Tried ePantry and Fell in Love!


[[ Let me be up front and say that while this is an ePantry review,  I am NOT a member of ePantry’s affiliate program. When I placed my first ePantry order (which you can see above), I used a coupon code through a favorite blogger of mine and then passed the code along on my Facebook page because it was such a great deal and because I was so impressed with the website! Scroll to the bottom or click  for a link for $10 towards your order, a free candle, & free shipping!.]]

The ePantry order I recently placed was my first, but I fell in love. The website was easy to use and carried all of my favorite natural products for lower than I could buy in store – PLUS they have all the scents available that I can’t always find everywhere. They have a mixed variety of just about every household need and natural brand type (method, 7th Gen., Tom’s, YesTo, Dr. Bronners, etc. etc.). Even Solomon was excited. For real 😉

The Mrs. Myers all purpose spray shown above is the seasonal Orange Clove scent and it is just ah-mazing. I have yet to try the Iowa Pine products (I’m making myself use up what I have first…ugh!) but I thought they smelled woodsey and fresh. I find the scents that natural cleaning products like these offer to be so pleasant compared to the toxic chemical alternatives. Cleaning actually makes your house smell good, as it should. This may make me sound crazy, but there’s a small part of me that gets excited when I have to clean when I have such good smelling (and super effective) products!

I use the Dr. Bronner’s soap bars every time I make homemade laundry detergent. Nothing comes close to its effectiveness. We also use them in the shower as the soap is gentle, non-drying, and non-irritating to my sensitive skin. I was ordering through Vitacost which required a minimum I didn’t always want to meet, or picking up at my local pharmacy where they were priced higher than what ePantry sells.

I added the Mrs. Myers powdered surface scrub to this order as an alternative to Bar Keeper’s Friend (which I just found out is horrible for asthma). I didn’t expect much because Bar Keeper’s was kind of my guilty pleasure, BUT the first time I used this on our tub I was sold. It completely removed hard water staining and dirt and grime with little scrubbing effort on my part. It cleaned my sink and the faucet until they were sparkling. I scrubbed the kitchen sink with it today and eventually will scrub our tile. Little side caveat -I assume that scrub brush is for dishes, right? Solomon wanted me to save it for scrubbing potatoes because it was “so nice!”

e pantry review (grove candle)
Grove Candle

I added the Grove candle after frustrating searches at Target, etsy, etc. for a soy candle that was 100% natural. We’ve purchased soy candles before that claimed to be scented with essential oils but clearly had added fragrance and even aggravated my husband’s asthma when he was sitting by them UNLIT. Candles are an area of complete un-compromise in my home. I love them, but I will not sacrifice my husband’s health for their sake. Not only does the Grove Candle smell amazing (it’s Orange Thyme & Cardamon), it’s the perfect, natural fall candle that I’ve been looking for, and it throws a strong scent. And guess what? No asthmatic reaction whatsoever. I can light a candle! this is my new brand. I just wish I had ordered more than one!

So…that was the content of my first ePantry order! Epantry is a no obligation subscription service with no charge other than your order. You can choose how often you want products delivered and which you’ll need on a recurring basis by going to “Your Subscriptions” under the Your Account tab (including staples like toilet paper, paper towels, dish sponges, dish soap..you get the idea). If you’re not sure what you want in your next order or when you want it, just delete all items shown and wait & see what you use up.  ***It’s always flat rate shipping ($2.99) & sometimes offers promos for free shipping. So convenient, right?  I do have online resources for such items, but not all in one place so it saves me more money and time. Move over Target, we’re set on ePantry.


—-> Now here’s the deal:  if you follow this link (here) you get $10 towards your first order in November, a free natural soy candle, & free shipping! & I’ll get some credit as well.  That’s $10 towards helping you make the switch to safer products for your family.  Really, there’s no reason not to try it now! again, not an affiliate link -just a referral program! if you love it spread the love yourself 🙂

If you have any questions about ePantry or natural cleaning, please feel free to contact me by commenting below or email at michaela@naturallyjmharris.com. If you’re new to natural cleaning & wondering why, I would highly recommend the documentary Chemerical by Chemical Nation – it is interesting & super insightful and studies the effects of traditional chemical cleaning products on one family and what happens when they stop using them.

—update: when this was originally published I was under the impression that shipping was always free. Recurring orders are shipped for a flat rate of $2.99 but this link will give you free shipping for your first order. Sorry for any confusion.

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