Lately (November)

Hello!  I had so much fun with the small business saturday Facebook series! If you missed it, you can read the posts on my Facebook page here or check back for a condensed post. I can’t wait to produce more varied content for the blog or social media. I said it there & I’ll say it again – thank you to everyone who reads & supports Naturally J.M. Harris! It’s been the best almost 6 months I could ask for.

I thought it was high time for a “lately” post considering all that has been going on lately, especially with the big move! You can see other lately posts here.

  • Lately I’ve been holding those I love tight – including my sweet dog pictured. We almost adopted a beagle puppy…we came so close! But we had to make the adult, rational decision that it wasn’t the best timing due to several factors, not excluding the move. For now I will hold our own 6 year old beagle/pug/chihuahua mix close – that little thing that turned me into the dog person I never knew I was!

lately (November) |

  • Lately I’ve been recovering from sickness. I’ve learned that I still have a lot of growing to do when it comes to self-care (you can read a little of my recent thoughts on that here). In a way getting sick was a grace because I was so exhausted that I had to stop. (p.s. eucalyptus tied around the shower head truly is amazing!)

lately (november) |

  • Lately we’ve been loving the view we didn’t know we would have of the sunset every night! Come summer the leaves will be grown in & obstruct the view, but for now we love to watch as it quietly ushers in the night. We’re also loving the proximity of the lake to our house. I’ve been walking Oliver (see below 😉 to a tiny neighborhood park that overlooks it & taking the chance to quiet my heart.

lately (november) |

  • Lately I’ve been slowly ushering in the Christmas season. So far we have a few, mostly handmade decorations up but no tree (we get a live one & want it to last). It’s strange to decorate for Christmas in our home. I’m still processing the move in many ways, so I’m excited about Christmas, but it also feels a little funny to decorate when we have things to do like install interior doors –  haha! anyone else feel like moving sucks the life out of you?
christmas simmer pot |
cranberries, orange, lemon, & eucalyptus (or pine) in a lid-off crock pot on high to make the home smell like Christmas!
  • Lately I have been so grateful for my friends! I don’t know how I would make it through these big life changes without them. Just having people to share life with is immeasurably important & meaningful. Also, see those trees? My friend Kayla and I cut & sanded the wood ourselves!  Not going to lie, we felt pretty good about ourselves for accomplishing that. Our inspiration was from this pin.

lately (november) |

Okay, now I’m off to dinner with my husband! What have you been up to lately? Are you decorating for Christmas yet?

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