What I Learned in 2015

I will try to keep my What I Learned in 2015 post fairly short and sweet as I feel that my last few posts have been pretty reflection-y and I’m ready to get on with the new content and year, already! But, being the natural processor that I am, when I saw emily p. freeman’s link up, I couldn’t resist the temptation to write my own. Here’s my last What I Learned post.

What I Learned in 2015

  1. I learned that real estate debt is good debt. This seems so obvious now, but I’m typically all caution before risk to the point that I may never take a good risk. The purchase of our first home in May of 2015 has finally found me at the point where I’ve never been more certain of a decision (and the need for an emergency fund). Paying the same amount or more in rent was simply no longer making sense. However, if you are in a rental, read this post I wrote on making your rental home as there’s a season for everything.what I learned in 2015, What I learned in 2015, from a Woodey Allen quote (bleh!) to some bloggers you should follow to why we take mini-trips.| naturallyjmharris.com
  2. I learned that mini-trips are always worth it. Which is why we have another booked for the end of January! We’re willing to make choices throughout the year to make it possible, such as more ( most!) dinners at home, little money spent on “entertainment,” fewer frivolous purchases, etc. It’s just what works for us and what we look back on as one of the year’s highlights.What I learned in 2015, from a Woodey Allen quote (bleh!) to some bloggers you should follow to why we take mini-trips.
  3.  I learned that my decor style has shifted as I have matured. I have shocked myself by learning that I am much more of a modernist at heart than I ever would have predicted. Just one look at my Pinterest boards will reveal a love affair with all things clean lines, golden birch, and mid-century mixed with California eclectic. But just the other day one of my best friends was in our house for the first time and said that it looked “so much more like me” than our other places. Now if I could just grow into the minimalist side a little more, my husband would be thrilled.
  4. I learned that “80% of life is showing up,” though I hate to quote Woodey Allen. The statement seems quite true in more ways than one. This year I’ve applied a lot of the creative discipline teachings that I learned through college to real life, and it’s not really about much more than showing up every day. Again, and again. (Dare I say, the same principle seems to apply to relationships?)
  5. I learned that it’s worth cultivating what I love. This fall, I decided to bake & sell homemade pumpkin breads as a side outlet and way to support my little family. It was perhaps the first time I’ve taken a creative idea for income and put it into action. Though it was of course a small effort, it gives me confidence in myself & my ideas moving forward.

What I learned in 2015, from a Woodey Allen quote (bleh!) to some bloggers you should follow to why we take mini-trips. 6. I learned that online creative entrepreneurs online lend so much inspiration! I’ve been closely following the blogs & outlets  of a handful, including Natalie at Natalie Creates & Elise from Enjoy It. Essentially, I want to be them when I grow up. The end. Also, comment below with YOUR favorite online gal!

Happy New Year, friends. I’ll be back soon with some thoughts + practical tips on how to set goals for the year! In the meantime, remember to follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already for a 12 days of Christmas post series.

3 thoughts on “What I Learned in 2015

  1. showing up? ain’t that the truth … sometimes that’s all we are able to do. and then God takes that obedience and prospers it in ways that we couldn’t even imagine.

    so grateful to meet you this week, Michaela …


    1. yes, I’ve been following Jess Connolly too! I enjoyed reading your year in review post and looking through the people you follow. I’m constantly amazed at what an encouragement people on instagram can be! (and ps – I LOVED looking through your baking photos! so artful!)


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