Create a Housework Routine that Works

If you follow me in Instagram, you might have seen the post where I recently identified a pattern of mine: saving every single home-to do for one marathon day of cleaning/organizing/grocery shopping.  The obvious issue with this method is that it leads to overwhelm and relies on large reserves of time and energy. I’ve known this for a while, of course, but I’ve justified it by saying that I’d rather do it that way then have to clean every day.

This weekend I found myself with a house that has literally not been cleaned in weeks, an entirely empty fridge, and 5 loads of laundry that needed washing. Obviously, this “system” is not working!  With a couple of new work days and an increased amount of fatigue that I’m trying to figure out, I can’t afford to not change my ways.  I’m leaning into self-discipline once again, and I thought I’d share some of my ideas in the chance that you can relate to my craziness. This method could certainly apply to work or really anything that requires self-motivation, but for the sake of this post I’m applying it to housework to help you create a housework routine that works for you.

  1. Write out a master list of home chores and break them down.  Full disclosure: my husband and I actually wrote out the chores like this
    create a master list & break down tasks for a housework routine that works. |
    master list

    months ago. He’s done his share and I have as well -mostly- but I’ve never successfully broke them down. To do so, I plan to use my new get to work book project pad on a weekly basis. I’ll write out all current tasks that need accomplishing and tackle them step by step throughout the week.

  2.  Assign them to days on the calendar. To ensure a solid home rhythm, I’ll look at my planner at the start of every week and drop tasks in on the
    create a housework routine that works! |
    weekly task breakdown

    days I think I can accomplish them. For example, today I had “clean out oven” and “start chicken in crock pot” as priorities. If I accomplish those and have time/energy to spare, I can check the get to work book pad to see what else needs done. It’s up to you how specific you want to get with this. I’m not planning on including tasks that we do every day like the dishes. Because my days vary, I’m not planning on doing a traditional schedule (Monday laundry, Tuesday floors, and so forth), but that could work well for you.

  3. The days that I have more energy – get more done. This will easily allow for unexpected sickness, events, tasks, and so forth – not to mention days that I just don’t feel like doing housework and want to spend my energies elsewhere.
  4. Remind myself of the value of discipline. Personally – I’m doing this because it will guard against overwhelm and create peace and order in my home. I value stewardship of my home & what the Lord has given me. I value openness of my schedule and flexibility, & this will help support that.  I value my well-being and recognize that my current pattern doesn’t foster joy.


2 thoughts on “Create a Housework Routine that Works

  1. I cannot tell you how much I needed this! I feel like I’m so busy that I just cram everything I can into one day and when that fails it has to wait to the next day that I have time to cram! I’m glad I’m not alone! I keep thinking to myself, I need a routine, but how to decide how often to do what… you just made that a lot easier because you’ve already started it, now all I have to do it adjust it to me!
    Thank you!


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