Lately (March)

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hello, gracious reader.

If you’re here, I just want to say thank you – thank you for sticking by me through these past couple months of infrequent posting. I care about this space very much and I thought it was high time to fill you in on some of the recent happenings in my life.

since the new year it’s been crazy. we made it through the holidays, through my husband’s new job position, through new jobs of my own (tutoring & babysitting, both of which I am loving), though an unexpected family crisis, and now through the recent surfacing of my health issues. All this on top of an already new home with unpacked boxes and routines that have yet to be found.  Needless to say, it’s been a LOT in every way.

The dust has settled some and we’re feeling our way through these changes.  Here are some of the ways I’ve been coping with change and busyness – perhaps you’ll be able to glean something through my necessary adjustments to apply to your own life

  • I’ve created a new housework routine that works, combats overwhelm & makes it possible for me to get done what needs done in spite of varying degrees of chronic fatigue. I love it! It’s so much more manageable than how I previously was doing things.
  • I’ve been fighting for my health, making necessary adjustments where need be. I’ve been getting tons of sleep, eating well, visiting doctors & getting bloodwork done, and learning about my body’s needs. [more on this subject soon.]
  • I’ve been asking for help. My husband’s been making dinner on my longest work day, which is the hugest relief.  He’s also been paying bills and doing tons of other work around the house, which takes weight off my shoulders.
  • I’ve been having fun – seeing friends, taking walks at parks, and this weekend going on an overnight trip. I’ve started viewing this time as a recovery period and giving myself the necessary grace to support that.

I want to state simply that I’m still here, that is not going anywhere, and that I so appreciate any grace you extend me through this transition.

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