Our Home Ownership Journey (part one)

In the spirit of my last post, I woke up this morning with a desire to share a little more of our journey that brought us to the place we are now – more specifically, the home we are blessed to call our own.

photo by the so-talented Mari Feitosa- click to check out more of her work!


If you’ve been following this blog long enough, you may have realized that it was my original intention to share many steps in the process of renovating our fixer upper.  And while I haven’t completely closed the door on that category, it has obviously not been fleshed out in the way I originally planned. But that’s okay.

The truth is is that the series of events leading up to the purchasing of our home were very much unexpected and difficult. We had moved from our first rental to a 2 bedroom duplex in May of the previous year with the intention of lowering our cost of living so we could save for a house. However, we ended up loving the duplex and talked about staying for longer than we’d intended, even discussing using the second bedroom for an eventual nursery. It might not have seemed like much to anyone else, but to us it was just right. It was in a quiet neighborhood where we could walk the dog at night and a yard we let our cats roam during the day. We had a garage and a basement and just enough space to easily make ours and enjoy married life. I’ve said before that I never minded renting, and I still hold to that. 

It seemed like it was just after we really made the place a home that I started to get sick. As soon as we realized that it was from the city water that had toxic levels of by-products in it, we moved.  Quickly. I’m talking overnight. I was too sick to do otherwise, so we moved into a bedroom at my parent’s house and packed up our belongings within a week. We spent a little time discussing whether we’d rent again or go ahead and buy before we decided to put the money we’d saved into a down payment and speed up our timeline for purchasing a home. I realize now that having that money at that time was nothing less than the Lord’s provision and care for our lives, but it still hadn’t been our plan and the sudden loss of our home was difficult to contend with.

We didn’t find our home until after the winter, so the purchase date was almost exactly one year after signing the least on our duplex, allowing me some time to recover before beginning work on our now home.

For some time, if I drove near our rental or past our exit on the highway, feelings would surface that I’d have to place before the Lord.  Feelings of loss, of frustration over my illness, of anger at the sudden forced move. I had someone ask me recently why this was the case- wasn’t I so glad to own our home? And the answer is yes, absolutely. Our course I am grateful for the way these series of events lead to where we are now. But I can’t hide the fact that for both of us, it was a very difficult year. 

Look for part two next week – tues., april 5!

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