Our Home Ownership Journey (part two)

This is part two. Read part one here.

I think that sometimes when you are going through a difficult situation, it can be easy to downplay your emotions or write them off as unfounded.  After all, if at the end of this season we were able to purchase our own home, why should it matter what we went through to get there? But that’s just not the way that it works. Every time that emotions surfaced, I had a choice. I could call them illegitimate and attempt to bury them, or I could deal with them and accept them for what they were. The latter is more difficult. It takes time, self-acceptance, and energy. But if I had never done that, my personal growth would be stunted.  I would have missed out on the opportunity to recognize the depth of the blessing and joy that the Lord provided in the midst of the process, and we might not have grown as close together as a couple as we did.  

photo by mari feitosa

We moved in in November 2015, just in time to share our first Christmas in the house together. We were asked often if the house felt like home. For the first few months the answer was honestly not yet. By that time in our 2 years of married life, we had moved 4 times. The process was wearisome and it didn’t just feel real that we’d actually be able to settle and call our house home for years to come. A friend told us that it would feel like home in time – after we had shared memories in the home, meals cooked, people over. Hearing that was relieving. The feeling couldn’t be forced.

photo by mari feitosa

Lately, though, my feelings have shifted. We’ve started to live in the house and develop rhythms that make it ours. We’ve shared meals with friends, watched the sunset outside the kitchen window, arranged and rearranged rooms and begun cleaning up the wooded yard. I don’t long for what we used to have, but instead am grateful for the goodness that this process birthed.  We are looking ahead to the roots we will put down in this home, but recognizing still that permanence doesn’t come from our earthly dwelling.

photos by the so-talented Mari Feitosa- check out more of her work on her website here or her facebook page here!

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