Bless the Changes

I had a reader ask me recently where the blog updates were. It’s been a while, has it not? I reflexively want to extend my apologizes, but on the other side of that same coin, I don’t feel remorse for taking a necessary break. It wasn’t anticipated or planned, but somewhere along the way it started happening and it felt justified. It’s not because life was “busy,” because life is always busy, and you should never buy that excuse from a writer.  I just needed a little head space to process some huge changes and events in my life. That said, please trust that I love this little online space and I have no intention of going away for good. (btw, You can subscribe on the right over there so you don’t miss any of my posts).

I’m always processing and taking down notes. It’s a switch I cannot shut off. It is how I am wired. If left to long without “dumping” said thoughts onto a page I will start to go crazy. I will become an irritable, emotional hypo manic mess.  Just ask my husband who has learned when it is appropriate to ask me if I’ve been writing and if that is all that is the matter with me. Sigh, such a glamorous way of existence! 

bless the changes |

Anywaysssssss.  We’ve both been experiencing some big changes. After a long process of deliberation, Solomon made the decision to leave the company he was with for 5 years for another contractor opportunity. It wasn’t an easy choice for either of us because we love his boss and the company in general to death and it served us so well. It had nothing to do with any issue. It was just time. He experienced many mixed emotions about this decision, not excluding sadness. Shortly after he accepted a new job we came across a Craigslist ad for the job I have now accepted. I wasn’t looking, though I knew the season I’ve been in for over a year would come to an end at some point. I’ve been wrestling with similar emotions.

What started as such a rough time for me has blossomed into a season of deep growth and refreshment. I’ve never learned so much about myself in such a concentrated amount of time. For months I didn’t work at all due to my health, and then I sort of self-employed myself with odds and ends – tutoring, consistent babysitting. I think a lot of people assume I haven’t worked at all in 2 years which is simply not the case, ha. The real story is that while I have worked, it hasn’t been my main focus. Which was entirely appropriate due to a whole host of reasons, but that season is now closing. I worked hard at home. I hung clothes on a clothes line and made all kinds of meals from scratch. I decorated and purged belongings we no longer needed. I planted flowers and took tons of hikes with our dog. I caught up with friends and learned to invest in interests I didn’t know I had.  I went to doctors appointments and got testing done and problems corrected.  I learned a healthy work- home life balance that will serve me so well in the future. 

bless the changes |

In short, I’m not the same person who quit her office job 2 years ago. I’m healthier in more ways than one.  It would be easy to keep doing what I’m doing now because it works so well for us.  Similarly, it would have been easy for Solomon to stay at the same job. But if he had he would have had less opportunities and less room for growth. I’m realizing that you have to allow life to unfold in the way it must. You have to keep moving where it moves. Even when it is hard and frustrating and emotional at first – that doesn’t mean it’s not right. 

So, I’ll go to my new job in a couple hours, and I’ll put my heart into it. I’ll work hard to prove myself at an opportunity I never saw coming and didn’t know really existed. I’ll bless the Lord for it and bless the changes. And I’ll promise to keep reflecting. Because we know nothing good comes from a bottled up Michaela 😉

[tweetthis]You have to allow life to unfold in the way it must. You have to keep moving where it moves…bless the changes.[/tweetthis]

One thought on “Bless the Changes

  1. So well said, written and articulated as your life has moved on and along. Of course, we know that life never stands still. But making these unplanned times and circumstances in our life a time of learning and allowing ourselves to be taught valuable lessons is priceless in the rest of our life. So I loved reading about your changes and how you are applying them to your life. Keep up the good work that will play a part in other lives too.


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