Our Debt Free WHY

Aggressively putting money towards debt in a culture that views debt as not only inevitable but necessary can feel, at times, disheartening. It would be easier to ignore our debt and continue doing whatever we pleased with the money we may be fortunate to have leftover after paying bills, however, that money would never be fully ours to spend.

We want to be debt free so that we can use the resources that we have been given well. Debt keeps us in bondage to the people we owe- the credit card companies, the government, even family- so that it is always before us before we make a decision. Whether that decision be big or small, with debt, we live with the understanding that we do not have financial freedom, no matter how many hours we spend working away from each other.

We want to be debt free to change this reality. We want to be debt free because we have goals that we would like to achieve, and we would like to remove as many obstacles that stand in front of those goals as we can. We do not want to be held back by financial irresponsibility when we have been given the power to change our circumstances. We are tired. We are tired of seeing so much of our hard earned paychecks going to someone else because of money we borrowed yesterday. We are tired of feeling like we can’t do what we want to do because of our debt.

We want to be debt free so that we can sell our house and have the equity we gain be ours. We want to be debt free because we want to have a family and be able to raise our children with the lifestyle we want for them without our resources being stretched thin simply because of debt. We want to have a small farm, own rental properties for income sources, be freelance creators–none of which can be fully achieved without being debt free.

And finally, we are tired of financial insecurity. We are committed to whatever it takes to create a new legacy for our family, one of plenty instead of want, one in which we can give freely out of the resources the Lord has given to us because we have chosen to value people above material wealth. We want our (future) children to view money positively and not as something that breeds uncertainty.

For these reasons, we have chosen to be debt free.

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