Dear Goal Setter

Dear Goal Setter,

There will come a time when the goals that you set today will become routine.

There will come a time when the work that you’re putting in now to set routines, improve your day, and reduce your stress will do just that.

You will spend hours and days learning to implement what seems like a good idea or a good goal to have. You will spend time correcting the mistakes you will make along the way. You will even spend money and invest emotional resources without yet being able to see the outcome of the commitment you are struggling to make.

You will question the goal you set in the first place- the practicality of it, the value of it.  You will rightly re-evaluate its place in your life and determine if it’s worth the work.

And then- eventually- you will meet it.

It will likely not be earth-shattering. While you may celebrate your success with friends, revel in your follow-through and newfound tenacity, eventually you will wake up and it will just be quiet.

You will wonder where the silence came from, where the space to think and the absence of stress originated. It will feel different. You will sit a moment in the silence, listening to your thoughts and for the first time, the stillness of the morning.


Perhaps the outcome of the goal met isn’t initially more, but less.

Less financial insecurity, because the debt you paid off means less time you have to work to survive and less creditors you have to pay.

Less chaos when you enter your home, because the cleaning you have to do has already been done throughout the week.

Less last minute grocery store trips or take out because you planned your meal & prepared your ingredients.

Less doctors visits, because your blood pressure issue corrected itself and your sleeplessness is no more.


You will do more work to learn to do less.

When you do less, you will have more.

Dear goal setter, there will come a time.

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