About Me


I’m Michaela, and I live in northeast Ohio with the love of my life, Solomon, who I married almost four years ago.

In August of 2014, an unexpected illness forced the loss of our rental, my job, and my achievement-based identity. Since then I have embarked on a holistic healing journey. I have learned what it means to listen to my body and have begun to embrace self-acceptance and find healing both emotionally and physically. My hope for this little blog is that through my sharing you might start to find space for your own soul to breathe.

I believe in valuing the small and going back to basics – in marriage, relationships, self-care, and in learning what it means to live as Aristotle so termed “the good life.” Look for my reflections on health, easy and nourishing meal ideas, our debt-free journey, and some strategies to set and accomplish your goals.

if you have any questions, content suggestions, or want to connect, email me at naturallyjmharris@gmail.com!